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3 computer problems that require professional help

Many computer related problems can be resolved by simple troubleshooting techniques. But there are some problems that you cannot fix by yourself and so you need to seek professional help.

1. Damage or corrupted hard drive

Whenever you find unusual sound coming from your hard drive, it doesn’t matter what is causing it; simple seek help from a professional. If you try to troubleshoot yourself, you might end up losing important data or damaging the hard drive more.

2. PC infected with virus or malware

First of all, you should be careful when you browse; you should only visit trusted sites. But in any case, if your PC is infected with virus or malware either from the Internet or from other sources then you need to go to a professional to get rid of the virus or malware. If you don’t take any option, these virus or malware may corrupt your files or even your entire system.

3. PC needs memory upgrade

When you see that your computer is often getting a Blue Screen or getting sluggish, you should go to a professional for memory upgrade of you computer. Whether it’s replacing your present memory or adding a new one, you must seek professional help.

Besides your PC, when you have any problem with your printer or router, you can call a professional for help. Many people try to solve the problem themselves when it occurs without having any prior knowledge. This makes situation worse. So, if you do want to try yourself to solve problem related to computer, then you must look online for relevant resources first. Study them and try to identify the source of the problem. Then see if you can find any solution for it.

4 cloud storage websites you should register for

Online storage is an important part of our life now. There are different kinds of online storage available now. This makes it difficult to choose the right one to use. Here are some fo the best cloud storage that you can think of registering for.



It offers services to Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Linux and Blackberry users. They also have an official Windows app also. You get 2GB of free storage. This storage limit is good for documents. But if you want to store any type of media, like photos, music or video, then you need more space. You can upgrade to their 1TB plan for only £7.99 a month. The fun part is that you can get 500MB of extra free storage for every friend you get to sign up on Dropbox with a limit of 16GB. You will also get 1GB free if you setup a Mailbox account and 250MB free by only taking the Dropbox basics tour. If you enable the camera upload feature, you will get 3GB. This feature will automatically create backup for your smartphone or tablet photos to the cloud. With Dropbox, files and folders could be shared with others. It has two-step authentication and all the files stored on the Dropbox servers are encrypted by AES 256-bit encryption.



Microsoft’s OneDrive is a great for many Windows users. The basic account provides 15GB of free storage. You get an additional 15GB if you link your camera roll to the service. You get unlimited storage space if you sign up for the Office 365. Many popular social networks are available to be linked to your OneDrive account. This will make it easy to share files between your colleagues.

Google Drive


When you create a Google account, you get 15GB of free storage. Google Drive has two options for uploading photos and videos. ‘High quality’ photo and video is free. It offers ‘great visual quality at a reduced file size’. You can instead stick to the ‘original’, but your storage will be used up. If you buy a Chromebook, you get 100GB of free space for two years. Google Music is a separate service that allows you to keep 50,000 songs in the cloud for free, without counting against your Drive storage.



This is a New Zealand-based company. It focuses on security credentials. It provides encryption in every part of the process. So, when you send anything to the cloud, it is encrypted locally, on the route and on the destination server as well. Mega cannot access your information as you have the encryption key. This means that whatever you store in Mega can only be accessed by you.You get 50GB of space free

Every cloud storage has some unique features. The amount of space they provide and the level of security also varies. You must choose the one that will be appropriate to store all your data.

How regularly should you backup all your data?

Computer professionals always backup their data regularly. They make sure that ‘taking backup’ is on their daily agenda. They usually backup essential records once or twice a day and less important files once or twice a week. Sometimes, they perform complete system backups every week. All these backups are on a network for easy access in case of a company. The company also sends copies to a more secure location off-site.

The kind of backup schedule you should have depends on the nature of your business. However, every company should at least use a general backup guideline. It’s a good way to make sure that you are not forgetting to keep a backup. Here are some tips in creating a backup schedule.

  1. Take backup of your most important files at least once a day. If you are working with vital database files, then you may consider taking backup of these files more often.
  2. Move your backup media to a secure location on a regular basis. This can be inside a fireproof cabinet or safe within the premises of your company; or you may shift it to an off-site location. This keeps your data safe in case of fire or other damage occurring to your office premise.
  3. Use software to manage your backups. There are many good backup software available in the market. Good backup software can save files one by one that you choose, it can automatically save all files that have changed since the last backup, or it can back up the whole system. There are many online backup services that offer scheduled backups.

So, basically your backup schedule depends on the type of data you handle. If it’s super sensitive data then you must take backup more often. It’s important to make taking regular backup a habit. This way you will never lose any important data.